More Than Theological Insight…

The Gospels are more than books of theological insight.They do more than reveal doctrine, and Jesus wasn’t just motivated by an eschatological impulse to reveal God’s kingdom. While all of that is true, none of it negates his profoundly emotional, personal care for the hurting individuals he encountered. Skye Jethani

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Let’s Not Assume…

“Let’s not automatically assume that our churches are faithful to the gospel. Let’s examine whether they really are. After all, ‘Every institution tends to produce its opposite.’ A church with the truth of the gospel in its theology can produce the opposite of the gospel in its practice.”~ Ray Ortlund

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Being Careful With Theology…

“Theology must first be about a conversation with God…God speaks and we listen. The Christian theological framework is primarily about listening—listening to God. One of the great dangers we face in doing theology is our desire to do all the talking. We most often capitulate to this temptation by placing alien conceptual boundaries on what God can and has said in the Word. We force

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Pure Imagination

My oldest daughter Kori feels comfortable talking to me about everything...everything. It’s something that I unequivocally cherish. Lately, believe it or not, we’ve been discussing theology. Not in the traditional seminary sense, but rather in the “I-have-a million-questions-about-God-and-stuff, and-I’m-going-to-throw-them-at-you-all-at-once” sense. Behold...a sampling of the deeply theological and highly spiritual questions from the astute mind of my babygirl: If God knows everything we’re going to do

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