Think About It…

“It’s crucial—crucial—to understand that it’s not our pursuit of holiness that qualifies us to see the Lord. Rather, we are qualified to see the Lord by the Lord, not by good things we do. We cannot produce enough righteousness to impress God and gain admittance into heaven. Instead we can stand before God only in […]

Think About It…

“Let us be today’s Christians. Let us not take fright at the boldness of today’s church. With Christ’s light, let us illuminate even the most hideous caverns of the human person: torture, jail, plunder, want, chronic illness. The oppressed must be saved, not with a revolutionary salvation, in mere human fashion, but with the holy […]

The Real Culprit…

Disbelief…horror…anger…outrage…frustration…fear…heartbreak… I really can’t fully capture all of the emotions I felt when I saw video footage of Alton Sterling’s brutal and senseless death. I was equally overwhelmed by the many thoughts that ran through my head, all seemingly at the same time: Not again…WHY DID YOU HAVE TO KILL HIM?!! He’s wasn’t a threat […]

Which Jesus?

This could just be me…but it seems like there are large chunks of Jesus’ character and personality that don’t get a lot of press nowadays. You know what I mean? It’s as if both secular society, and unfortunately much of the church, is on some kind of desperate PR campaign aimed at making Jesus as politically […]

How Far Will You Go?

That was a question posed to our congregation a couple of Sundays ago, via a message preached by my Dad. In short, Dad challenged us to dismantle our religious barriers and take the gospel to those that religion would disqualify, those that don’t fit our “churchy mold”, those that we wouldn’t want other churchfolk to […]