“True Religion…”

True religion will never allow the first part of the Great Commandment (“Love the Lord your God with all of your heart…”) to become an excuse for not obeying the second part (“…and love your neighbor as yourself”). If you ever find yourself or your spiritual leader using the Bible as an excuse for apathy or inaction in the face of suffering and injustice, you

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No Fruit, No Root…

“We tend to think of self-control as a strictly human enterprise, but Scripture describes self-control as a product of being connected to God. It’s something that grows when your life is rooted in divine reality. In fact, if it’s missing, your faith may be a ruse. No fruit, no root.”~ Drew Dyck

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More Than Good Vibes…

“The gospel, this ‘good news’, is more than just good vibes. This message has specific content. It can and must be defined, and from the Bible alone. Every generation must pick up their Bibles and rediscover the gospel afresh for themselves and rearticulate the ancient message in their own words for their own times.”~ Ray Ortlund

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Proactive Self-Control…

“Social scientists define self-control as the ability to resist negative impulses. But when the Bible mentions self-control, it usually has something bigger in mind. Yes, it involves the ability to resist doing something you shouldn’t. But it also has a proactive element. It refers to the ability to do something you should.”~ Drew Dyck

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Beyond Our Control…

“If the Bible and history have taught us anything, it’s that God is notoriously uncooperative at our attempts at controlling Him. We want to contain Him, institutionalize Him, and systematize Him so that we can ultimately understand, predict, and control Him. So, when the Lord does something unexpected, when He complicates our life or our world, it’s a reminder that control is an illusion. We

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Playing Detective…

“I recognize that many of us, as Christians, are hesitant to treat God’s Word as though it were a suspect or eyewitness statement that needs to be picked apart forensically.It almost seems to disrespect the holy nature of the text. I’ve even known brothers and sisters in the faith who were hesitant to write on the pages of their Bibles out of love and respect

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Expected To Pray…

“I realize that to say prayer is expected of us may make the children of a nonconformist, anti-authoritarian age bristle a bit.Those who have been brought under the authority of Christ and the Bible, however, know that the will of God is for us to pray.But we also believe that His will is good.”~ Donald S. Whitney

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Think About It…

“The Bible will never be a living Book to us until we are convinced that God is articulate in His universe. To jump from a dead, impersonal world to a dogmatic Bible is too much for most people. They may admit that they should accept the Bible as the Word of God, and they may try to think of it as such, but they find

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Think About It…

“Surely, we only have to be realistic and honest with ourselves to know how regularly we need to turn to the Bible. How often do we face problems, temptation and pressure? Every day! Then how often do we need instruction, guidance and greater encouragement? Every day! To catch all these felt needs up into an even greater issue, how often do we need to seek

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Think About It…

"It's one thing to be unfamiliar with Scripture when you don't own a Bible. It's another thing when you have a bookshelf full." ~ Donald Whitney

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