Think About It…

“If it was God’s desire to provide us with an accurate and reliable account of the life of Jesus, an account we could trust and recognize as consistent with other forms of eyewitness testimony, God surely accomplished it with the four gospel accounts. Yes, the accounts are messy. They are filled with idiosyncrasies and personal perspectives along with common retellings of familiar stories. There are

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Think About It…

“I’m alarmed sometimes when I hear Christians make inaccurate statements related to the nature of evidence. When discussing evidence with skeptics, we don’t need to concede that a particular fact related to the Christian worldview is not a piece of evidence simply because it is not a piece of direct evidence. Even though a particular fact may not have the individual power to prove our

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Of Course God Is Real…Isn’t He?

What real evidence do you have that God exists? Science clearly proves that there is no God. All of that stuff in the Bible is just fantasy. The Bible isn’t reliable; it’s been misinterpreted, and it’s full of contradictions. If God were real, why is there all this suffering and evil in the world? If you’ve never been confronted with any of these questions or

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