Beautiful Holiness…

“Real holiness is not dull, drab, boring, or negative. Those are marks of man-made religiosity. The real holiness Christ creates is beautiful. And the holiness He gives will redeem every dirty thing we have ever done to ourselves or suffered from others.”~ Ray Ortlund

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I Told You So…

“Our Father is not accusatory by nature. If He were, He wouldn’t have sent His only Son to die on a cross to redeem us, to buy us back. He would have simply pointed a finger and said, ‘I told you so.’ ”~ Craig Jutila

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Think About It…

“I tell the world all the time...I was a gangster before I met Jesus. Now I’m a redeemed sinner with gangster proclivities. I say that everyday. Why? Because it’s REAL. It’s not just a matter of repeating the’s about reminding myself of what Jesus has done for me, and being thankful for what my life is now that He’s in it.” ~ Cornel West

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