Shepherds Wanted…

“Not every Christian man with an entrepreneurial spirit and a gift for speaking should be a pastor. I say this kindly—if your drive is not to feed the sheep, please quit. You may have missed your calling. Your gifts could be used more effectively elsewhere, perhaps for starting a business or a nonprofit.We don’t need any more salesmen in the pulpit. We need tenders of

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A Third Way…

“The gospel is neither religion nor irreligion, but something else entirely — a third way of relating to God through grace. Because of this, we minister in a uniquely balanced way that avoids the errors of either extreme and faithfully communicates the sharpness of the gospel.”~ Timothy Keller

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Think About It…

“Let me insert a word here to correct some possible misunderstandings. The disciplined use of time should not be understood as promoting a relentless, unresting, burnout-prone lifestyle. Though Jesus often ministered long hours and frequently under conditions that produced great demands on Him, nevertheless He was a man who rested, relaxed (after all, He walked everywhere He went, and surely at least some of that

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Think About It…

  “Why does it matter that you make sure that you have a life that brings honour to God? Because if your life isn’t bringing glory to God, your ministry never will! Do you want to have a ministry that glorifies God? Good! Then make sure that your life is doing the same!” ~ Tim Hawkins

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Think About It…

“If you want impact, you have to go for intimacy. The single most determining factor in how impactful I have been in ministry for Jesus has to do with how intimate I have been with Jesus himself.” ~ Tim Hawkins

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Think About It…

“Oh—if there’s one thing us youth pastors and leaders need to work work hard at, to work relentlessly is to guard our hearts. Because the work that God is doing in us is more important than the work he is doing through us. If you want to have a great ministry, then before you put all your effort into building a bigger program,

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Think About It…

“If you do not have a heart of integrity, you will never have a ministry of integrity. The ministry that you have—the words that you speak—in the end can only come from a heart that is right with God. If you’re faking it… if you’re pretending… if you have a divided heart… then you won’t be able to fool people for long. You might look

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Think About It…

“Here's the question you must ask yourself about the effectiveness of your youth ministry: Will your students stand firmly for Christ long after they have left the protective environment of your youth ministry? We’re not in the business of running successful youth groups. We’re not called by Jesus to build large numbers that will impress people. We are called by Christ to produce ‘fruit that will

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Think About It…

“Can you serve your boss and others at work, helping them to succeed...and can you be happy, even when they receive the promotions and you get overlooked? Can you work to make others look good without envy filling your heart? Can you minister to the needs of those whom God exalts and men honor...when you yourself seem neglected? Can you pray for the ministry of

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Think About It…

“In this world, Christians will always live with an affinity for sin that will say, ‘If I have to serve, I want to get something for it. If I can be rewarded, or gain a reputation for humility, or somehow turn it to my advantage, then I’ll give the impression of humility and serve.’ But this isn’t Christlike service. This is hypocrisy. Hypocritical ‘servants’ will

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Think About It…

"Ministry is when the people who hear you don't want more of you...they want more of Him because of what you've said. When you point them to God's fire instead of trying to get attention for yourself...that's ministry." ~ Priscilla Shirer

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A Friend of Sinners

Luke 5:31-32 “And Jesus answering said unto them, They that are whole need not a physician; but they that are sick. I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.” (KJV)

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Think About It…

“When we struggle for human rights, for freedom, for dignity, when we feel that it is a ministry of the church to concern itself for those who are hungry, for those who have no schools, for those who are deprived, we are not departing from God’s promise. He comes to free us from sin, and the church knows that sin’s consequences are all such injustices

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