The Tyranny Of Self…

I realize this sounds hard. Delaying gratification, doing what’s right, surrendering your will. It might seem like teeth-gritting, white-knuckling stuff. But it isn’t. As we’ll discover, though building self-control requires effort, it gets easier as you go. Eventually, it can feel like gliding. In a beautiful twist of biblical irony, submission leads to victory. Surrender produces freedom. As you are liberated from the tyranny of

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Think About It…

"If there is one thing that God's children ought to stop doing, it is praying for all of our opposition (negative circumstances and people) to go away. Paul never prayed for his problems to go away, nor did he advise anyone else to do so. Instead, he prayed for the strength to endure whatever came with good temper; he prayed for discipline and self-control, and

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A Lesson On Patience…

Sooooo...I'm in the midst of a pretty difficult lesson in patience right now, courtesy of God Himself. It's funny, because I figured I had a pretty good handle on patience already. Shows how much I know (smile). Here's the short version of it: my wife and I have been praying and believing God for financial freedom for quite awhile now, and it's not for the

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