The primary barrier to displaying the beauty of Jesus in our churches comes from the way we re-insert ourselves into that sacred center that belongs to Him alone.Exalting ourselves always diminishes His visibility.That is why cultivating a gospel culture requires a profound, moment by moment, ‘unselfing’ by every one of us.Ray Ortlund


The Value of Privacy

“Today value is increasingly measured by publicity, not privacy, and we are losing sight of the truth that genuine intimacy requires secrecy. This cultural desire to be seen makes us approve Jesus’ call to, ‘Let your light shine before others’......but we forget that in the same sermon Jesus said, ‘Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them.’~ Skye

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Not Really About Me…

“I know that Christianity isn’t a success course. It’s not a self-improvement program. In fact, it’s not really about me. Not primarily anyway. The end goal for a Christian isn’t to become such an impressive, successful person that you can stand atop a mountain of accomplishments and declare, ‘Look at me’ !”~ Drew Dyck

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Shepherds Wanted…

“Not every Christian man with an entrepreneurial spirit and a gift for speaking should be a pastor. I say this kindly—if your drive is not to feed the sheep, please quit. You may have missed your calling. Your gifts could be used more effectively elsewhere, perhaps for starting a business or a nonprofit.We don’t need any more salesmen in the pulpit. We need tenders of

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Unseen Value…

“In the economy of God’s kingdom, there is not a single thought, feeling, or moment that is lost. Nothing is unseen or unrecorded. God is our witness. But as church leaders, we are tempted, perhaps more than others, to believe that our value is defined by the visible, quantifiable, and tweet-able aspects of our lives. How many came? How many followed? How many liked? This

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Think About It…

“Oh—if there’s one thing us youth pastors and leaders need to work on...to work hard at, to work relentlessly at...it is to guard our hearts. Because the work that God is doing in us is more important than the work he is doing through us. If you want to have a great ministry, then before you put all your effort into building a bigger program,

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Think About It…

“Here's the question you must ask yourself about the effectiveness of your youth ministry: Will your students stand firmly for Christ long after they have left the protective environment of your youth ministry? We’re not in the business of running successful youth groups. We’re not called by Jesus to build large numbers that will impress people. We are called by Christ to produce ‘fruit that will

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