No Favorite Clubs…

“The exclusive claim of the gospel - that Jesus is the only way - is often misconstrued.It’s mistakenly viewed as God favoring the Christian club over all the other religious clubs.But God does not look down at the world and see religious clubs that He likes or dislikes.Instead, He sees a sea of humanity that was created to be in loving friendship with Him, but

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Inherent Value…

“I think what we reinforce over and over again in Christian circles is that your value is based on how useful you are.How much are you changing the world for God? How effective are you on the mission field? How well are you fulfilling your destiny?We marinate in that thinking, and it transforms our vision of ourselves, so that we only see our value based

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Think About It…

“Do you know why so many churches today are filled with people who have never been saved? It’s because they’ve never had a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. They’ve met a creed, but not Christ. They’ve met a cause, but not Christ. They’ve met a code, but not Christ. They’ve met a church, but not Christ.” ~ Adrian Rogers

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Think About It…

“When the Bible says ‘be filled with the Spirit’, what does that mean? The Holy Spirit isn’t some liquid...and you’re not a jug for Him to fill. That’s not the idea. You are a temple, and the Holy Spirit is a person. To be filled with the Spirit means that He has the key to every room in your temple. There should not be one

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Which Jesus?

This could just be me...but it seems like there are large chunks of Jesus' character and personality that don't get a lot of press nowadays. You know what I mean? It's as if both secular society, and unfortunately much of the church, is on some kind of desperate PR campaign aimed at making Jesus as politically correct and agreeable to everyone as possible. The “Jesus” being

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