A Subtle Fragrance…

The ministry of the gospel in our churches involves more than doctrinal argumentation. The work of the gospel is subtle, like the work of a fragrance. It is not just brute facts landing hard on someone’s mind, but an aroma wafting into a heart. And this light contact proves to be life or death.Such is the astonishing power of the gospel of God.Ray Ortlund

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Savior or Sinner?

“Over time, our status—in our churches and in our heads—can grow to an unhealthy level. It may also cause us to believe the key to successful ministry is always having the right answers and advancing our knowledge and skills so that everyone who seeks our help can receive it. This need to maintain our position as the expert can, ironically, prevent us from acquiring the

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Think About It…

"Many people today, some well-intentioned and some not so much, are doing their best to soft-pedal the gospel in order to widen its appeal. But in reality, they're doing the exact opposite. When we make following Jesus a tag line, or view it as just something we add on to our lives without sacrificing anything, we are actually diminishing the value of the gospel. We

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Think About It…

"There seems to be conflict with how some churches approach ministry. You have the 'felt-needs' crowd, who are all about appealing to where the surface level needs are. And then you have those who are totally against that, who say 'We only preach the Bible over here.' I believe there's a third way...where the proper preaching of the gospel actually unearths deeper longings in people

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Think About It…

"Part of the issue with how we do church today is the way we've connected church leadership with the ability to sell books, to draw crowds, and to get invited to all the major conferences. We've essentially commodified ministry." ~ Katelyn Beaty

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