“We Are Siblings”

As much as I may want to give up on evangelicalism, I cannot give up on Jesus and the church.I must affectionately pray for the family of God, the body of Christ. Those who love me, and those who despise me.As broken as we are, and as separate and splintered and filled with schisms, we are siblings.Eric Mason

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“Asking For Another Savior…”

If you are not feeding your soul on the realities of the presence, promises, and provisions of Christ......you will ask the people, situations, and things around you to be the messiah that they can never be. If you are not attaching your identity to the unshakable love of your Savior......you will ask the things in your life to be your Savior, and it will never

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“The Obvious Antidote…”

Treasuring Christ is the obvious antidote to treasuring idols.Nothing destroys false worship like true worship.When we see the majesty, glory, greatness, and sufficiency of God, we are drawn out of ourselves and toward Him.Robert H. Thune

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Jesus Junk…

Americans spend nearly $7 billion a year on Christian merchandise. That’s a lot of Jesus t-shirts and bible covers. But if all the ‘Jesus junk’ was taken away, how would anyone know you belong to Christ?Jesus said the world would know we are his disciples by our love, not by our bumper stickers.Skye Jethani

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There are some words nowadays that you don’t ever want to be labeled with. This is one of them.


No Favorite Clubs…

“The exclusive claim of the gospel - that Jesus is the only way - is often misconstrued.It’s mistakenly viewed as God favoring the Christian club over all the other religious clubs.But God does not look down at the world and see religious clubs that He likes or dislikes.Instead, He sees a sea of humanity that was created to be in loving friendship with Him, but

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Personal Prayer…

“Don’t think of prayer as an impersonal requirement.Realize that it is a person, the Lord Jesus Christ, with all authority and with all love, who expects us to pray.”~ Donald S. Whitney

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Think About It…

"You never hear Jesus say in Pilate's judgment hall one word that would let you imagine that He was sorry that He had undertaken so costly a sacrifice for us. When His hands are pierced, when He is parched with fever, His tongue dried up like a shard of pottery, when His whole body is dissolved into the dust of death... ...you never hear a

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Think About It…

“Let me insert a word here to correct some possible misunderstandings. The disciplined use of time should not be understood as promoting a relentless, unresting, burnout-prone lifestyle. Though Jesus often ministered long hours and frequently under conditions that produced great demands on Him, nevertheless He was a man who rested, relaxed (after all, He walked everywhere He went, and surely at least some of that

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Think About It…

“Jesus never uttered opinions. He never guessed...He knew, and He knows. His words are not as Solomon’s were, the sum of sound wisdom or the results of keen observation. He spoke out of the fulness of His Godhead, and His words are very Truth itself. He is the only one who could say ‘blessed’ with complete authority, for He is the Blessed One come from

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A Friend of Sinners

Luke 5:31-32 “And Jesus answering said unto them, They that are whole need not a physician; but they that are sick. I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.” (KJV)

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