“The Obvious Antidote…”

Treasuring Christ is the obvious antidote to treasuring idols.Nothing destroys false worship like true worship.When we see the majesty, glory, greatness, and sufficiency of God, we are drawn out of ourselves and toward Him.Robert H. Thune

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That False Gospel…

“Oh, how we should hate the prosperity gospel and it’s promise of worldly wealth over and above Jesus!That false gospel insults God as second-rate, a useful steppingstone toward a better job or a bigger house.The prosperity gospel also robs us, taking our hearts away from the only joy we were created for - God Himself.~ Ray Ortlund

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Cruel Irony…

“There’s a cruel irony that comes into play whenever we value something above God. If we prioritize happiness above all else, we will never find happiness. If we grant marriage or family or work the highest place in our hearts, we will end up hurting those too. These are all good things, but they were never meant to bear the full weight of our ultimate

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Think About It…

“Someone once said that ‘a community is where the person you like least always is.’ When you think about it, the early church was comprised of individuals, Jews and Gentiles, that despised each other. Yet they found themselves in the same fellowship purely because of the cross. But in the American church, we want to build our communities around everything except the cross. We’re more

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Think About It…

"How do we relate to God? Do we seek Him mainly in times of trouble, searching for answers in our distress...but ignoring Him during our seasons of celebration? Are we like the Israelites of old? Easily swayed by the idols of our age, including such things as busyness, success, and influence?" ~ Amy Boucher Pye

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Think About It…

"Much of the American church has abandoned the idea that people's desires need to be transformed. Instead, we try to figure out what people desire, and then we tell them that Jesus is the way to get it. That's how we get people to come to our churches. But we rarely get to the place where we point out that what we should desire most

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Think About It…

"I think in many cases today, we've actually made our goals and dreams into idols. We'll pursue our dreams to the detriment of our relationship with Jesus. Jesus didn't say 'take up your cross, and follow your dreams'...just saying." ~ Phil Vischer

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