The Map to Hope

“I’m lookin’ for the map to seen it?”- NF (Hip Hop Artist) I’ve been listening to NF a lot lately. If you’re not familiar with his music, it’s known for having a moody, dark, yet refreshingly authentic vibe. NF deep dives into the roots of his emotional trauma, and does it in a way that is so creative and relatable that, in his own

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All About Ourselves…

“The temptation of the devil was (and is) this: ‘Don’t risk yourself on God. Trust your own instincts. Live from within yourself. You need to take control, because you cannot trust God.’Adam fell for this temptation. As a result, we are now born bent in on ourselves. It feels normal to rest our hopes on ourselves.We create whole cultures to reinforce our idealized theories about

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Light Bursting Thru Darkness…

“We live in a dark world. Our hearts long for goodness, beauty, justice, and peace, but they are often hidden behind the shadow cast by evil and sin. This is why preaching is so necessary. Whenever the kingdom of God is proclaimed, it is like a bright burst of light. In those brief moments, the shadows recede and we are given a glimpse of a

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Think About It…

“How often do we hear about the discipline of the Christian life these days? How often do we talk about it? How often is it really to be found at the heart of our evangelical living? There was a time in the Christian church when this was at the very center, and it is, I profoundly believe, because of our neglect of this discipline that

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