Beautiful Holiness…

“Real holiness is not dull, drab, boring, or negative. Those are marks of man-made religiosity. The real holiness Christ creates is beautiful. And the holiness He gives will redeem every dirty thing we have ever done to ourselves or suffered from others.”~ Ray Ortlund

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Think About It…

“God doesn’t dangle growth in grace before you like a spiritual lure that’s always enticing but never enjoyed. He promises thru His word that actual progress in godliness is possible.” ~ Donald S. Whitney

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Think About It…

“It’s crucial—crucial—to understand that it’s not our pursuit of holiness that qualifies us to see the Lord. Rather, we are qualified to see the Lord by the Lord, not by good things we do. We cannot produce enough righteousness to impress God and gain admittance into heaven. Instead we can stand before God only in the righteousness that’s been earned by another...Jesus Christ.” ~ Donald

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