“Too Easily Satisfied”

I’m convinced that the big crisis for the church of Jesus Christ is not that we are easily dissatisfied, but that we are all too easily satisfied. We have a regular and perverse ability to make things work that are not and should not be working.We learn to adjust to things that we should alter. We learn to be okay with things we should be

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Shepherds Wanted…

“Not every Christian man with an entrepreneurial spirit and a gift for speaking should be a pastor. I say this kindly—if your drive is not to feed the sheep, please quit. You may have missed your calling. Your gifts could be used more effectively elsewhere, perhaps for starting a business or a nonprofit.We don’t need any more salesmen in the pulpit. We need tenders of

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Think About It…

“If you’re encouraging and comforting students, but not urging them to live a life worthy of God—then they might feel very supported, but might not be held accountable to a level of godliness that will take them forward” “On the other hand, if you’re urging students to live a life worthy of God, but you’re not encouraging or comforting them, then they might feel very

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Think About It…

"Has your character ever been questioned because you ate or drank with sketchy people? Not everyone in the neighborhood is cleaned up and easy to be around. We need to be willing to follow Jesus and choose to be with others in uncomfortable situations, because we can't always expect people to come onto our turf. We must also be willing to enter their world." ~

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How Far Will You Go?

That was a question posed to our congregation a couple of Sundays ago, via a message preached by my Dad. In short, Dad challenged us to dismantle our religious barriers and take the gospel to those that religion would disqualify, those that don’t fit our “churchy mold”, those that we wouldn’t want other churchfolk to see us hanging with…you get the idea, don’t you? I

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