Where Was God?

This is a question often asked in relationship to our pain. We ask this question when a loved one dies, when we get a devastating doctor's report, when our best friend gets involved in a car wreck that leaves them paralyzed, when we lose a job unfairly or unexpectedly, when we lose a home to foreclosure. Or, perhaps we ask this question in light of

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A Lesson In Humility…

Jesus never ceases to amaze me... I know this is a blatantly obvious and seemingly pointless statement, but hear me out. My current amazement with Jesus has little to do with His "front and center" characteristics...you know, His omni-potence, His omni-presence, His omni-science, His holiness, His incomparable love, His grace and mercy, His overwhelming compassion for others...you and I both know that the list is endless! But the character trait

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