There are some words nowadays that you don’t ever want to be labeled with. This is one of them.


The Value of Privacy

“Today value is increasingly measured by publicity, not privacy, and we are losing sight of the truth that genuine intimacy requires secrecy. This cultural desire to be seen makes us approve Jesus’ call to, ‘Let your light shine before others’......but we forget that in the same sermon Jesus said, ‘Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them.’~ Skye

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Show Them Through Our Love…

“Marilynne Robinson has observed, ‘The word Christian now is seen less as identifying an ethic, and more as identifying a demographic.’In other words, being a Christian in our society is more about what you buy and how you vote, rather than how you care for people. Rather than showing the world our faith through our merchandise or yard signs, what if we showed them our

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All About Ourselves…

“The temptation of the devil was (and is) this: ‘Don’t risk yourself on God. Trust your own instincts. Live from within yourself. You need to take control, because you cannot trust God.’Adam fell for this temptation. As a result, we are now born bent in on ourselves. It feels normal to rest our hopes on ourselves.We create whole cultures to reinforce our idealized theories about

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“The fear of living an insignificant life resonates with many of us, but in our exhibitionist culture we’ve been formed to believe that significance comes from being noticed. This explains both our culture’s deification of celebrities and disregard for the unborn. Celebrities are valued merely because they are seen by millions, while unborn babies are unvalued because they haven’t yet been seen by anyone.Our culture


The Commodity Society…

“In our society, the only value an object has is the value I give it. A commodity exists to satisfy my desire and supply my needs—nothing more. Because consumerism has formed us to engage both goods and people this way, it should surprise no one that in our culture God also has no value apart from what He can do for me.”~ Skye Jethani

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The Danger Of Platform-Based Authority…

“Sadly, as our culture’s capacity to engage and maintain meaningful relationships has deteriorated, we have seen a rise in popularity-based rather than proximity-based authority. And the same trend is evident within the church. Just because someone has a large platform or ministry, or has sold millions of books, doesn’t mean we should automatically grant them authority over our life, faith, or congregation. As many entertainers,

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Think About It…

“Someone once said that ‘a community is where the person you like least always is.’ When you think about it, the early church was comprised of individuals, Jews and Gentiles, that despised each other. Yet they found themselves in the same fellowship purely because of the cross. But in the American church, we want to build our communities around everything except the cross. We’re more

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Think About It…

“We have far too many Christians who are strong on convictions, but you wouldn’t want them to represent you in any public way...because they do it in a way that is not very civil in its engagement, or loving and caring. Then you have Christians who are so civil, so loving, so caring, that you have no idea what they stand for. There’s always this

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