Think About It…

“There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being involved in your local church...but God didn’t create the universe and then retire into full-time churchwork. God is not just interested in being Lord of the church...He’s interested in being Lord of all things. And the way that happens is that as we bring everything in our lives under Christ’s authority, He begins to reign over those things. So,

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Think About It…

"I think the overriding value in a lot of evangelical churches is to set the bar as low as possible in order to get as many as we can to engage. And because we keep the bar so low, we never really expect much from church attendees. We don't expect that they'll be trained in the full Christian worldview, with a healthy understanding of scripture...we

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Of Course God Is Real…Isn’t He?

What real evidence do you have that God exists? Science clearly proves that there is no God. All of that stuff in the Bible is just fantasy. The Bible isn’t reliable; it’s been misinterpreted, and it’s full of contradictions. If God were real, why is there all this suffering and evil in the world? If you’ve never been confronted with any of these questions or

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