“True Faith…”

True faith is not a denial of present realities.

Neither does it mean ignoring the real pain and sorrow that fills this world.

Instead, it means, like Mary (mother of Jesus), accepting and mourning our losses, but also seeing them in the light of God’s promise to make all things new.
Skye Jethani


  1. Grandson this post today truly hit home for me. . . Over ten years ago when Pastor Bristow went home to be with the Lord it was one of the most traumatic times in my life. But as I sought the Lord for comfort and the strength that I needed to go on, the Lord literally told me to come to SC and “He would make things brand new”!

    Great Word grandson, Great Truth!

    1. That’s so great to hear, Grandma! God knows just what we need and when we need it. Praying that God continues to comfort you. RIH Grandpa Bristow.

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