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What do a country music superstar and a Hall of Fame NFL running back have in common?

Apparently, a future career in politics. And an amazing sense of humor.

So…here’s the short version.

Garth Brooks takes an Instagram picture wearing a Barry Sanders jersey. Sanders just so happened to wear the number ‘20’ during his illustrious NFL career. A certain Trump-supporting portion of Brooks’ fan base then jumped to the “blatantly obvious” conclusion that Brooks was giving his endorsement of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Hilarity ensues.

I couldn’t help but laugh looking at some of the angry jabs that were thrown at Brooks so hastily. They ranged from “I don’t like you anymore”, to “Keep politics out of your music”, to “You’re not as intelligent as I thought”.

Please note that the actual comments were MUCH NASTIER than the cute way I chose to frame them in the previous paragraph.

But Brooks and Sanders (Barry, that is) took it in stride. Sanders playfully asked Brooks to be his running mate for office, and Brooks gladly accepted.

Classy and clever, baby.

Oh, if only we could take a page from their book on how to handle politics nowadays.

Do you know how many senseless squabbles, futile fights, delusive divisions, and needless knee-jerks could be avoided if we were just more classy and clever? Especially when it comes to politics.

With a couple of classy/clever tweets, both Garth Brooks and Barry Sanders rose above the negativity and demonstrated a level of civility that effectively squashed the noise. For all I know, they may have very different political leanings, but you wouldn’t have known it based on their interaction.

Now that I think about it, that was a real Jesus move on their part.

Classy and clever, baby.



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