As most of you reading this are aware, the President has been impeached by the House of Representatives.

So how is a President supposed to respond in this situation? I’m certainly not an expert on such matters, but I can say pretty confidently that his two hour rant at a “Christmas rally” wasn’t very presidential…or Christlike.

But I digress.

What I’m more interested in pointing out is how much differently Jesus responded to being accused of wrongdoing.

When given the opportunity to defend Himself, Jesus didn’t berate or belittle His accusers. Nor did He encourage His followers to do the same. Jesus didn’t grandstand about His long list of wins, or mouth off about how much of a Messiah He was. He didn’t flex His divine muscles in anyone’s face.

The same Jesus who made men from dirt didn’t pull up any dirt on the men who treated Him like dirt.

As much as He had EVERY right to do it, Jesus, as the old saints used to say, didn’t say a mumblin’ word.

Instead, He extended grace to those who lied on Him and spit in His face. He didn’t punch back with words or with fists, but instead asked His Father to forgive those who were complicit in His brutal execution. And He charged His followers to do the same.

Our president…and everyone else for that matter…could stand to learn from Jesus’ example.

He’s the one truly worth rallying around.