“A prophet is not without honor except in his household.”

I came across these words again while I was reading Mark 6 this morning.

To sum it up, Jesus brings His disciples to His hometown, teaches for a little bit, does a handful of miracles…and is basically written off by this same hometown.

I thought He handled it pretty well, though.

But I wonder what His disciples must have felt like seeing this play out in front of them.

This same Jesus, who they had pretty much left everyone and everything to follow, was being dissed by family, friends, neighbors, classmates…basically everyone from His old stomping grounds.

As much as I would like to, I can’t say for sure how they felt in that moment. But I can talk about my own strange takeaway from this. Strange to me, at least.

I began to feel a little more comfortable with rejection.

To be real, I struggle mightily with the idea of being rejected or disapproved of. It unequivocally wrecks me. My loved ones…especially wifey…often point out to me that I put too much stock in what others think. That’s certainly not a special or unique problem, but it is one (of many) that I have.

In a twisted sort of way though, it was actually comforting to read again about Jesus being rejected so thoroughly.

It means He can relate.

And that’s good to know. Because in my humble opinion, rejection is one of those inevitable parts of the human experience. I think we’ll all find ourselves on the receiving end of it at some point in life. Not even Jesus was exempt.

And like I said…I think He handled it pretty well.