It’s a local matter.

That’s what White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said to some reporters a couple of weeks ago. She was referring to the Trump administration’s decision to forego a federal investigation into the police shooting death of Stephon Clark.

Needless to say, this has a lot of people upset…myself included. I’m really frustrated by what appears to be a lack of empathy from the White House.

And yet…I don’t totally disagree with them.

I just think their idea of “local” is off.

I would think that the recurring deaths of unarmed black men within your own country would be “local” enough for you to get involved in some way…especially if you actually have the power to make a significant difference in the situation.

But even as I write these words, I recognize my own hypocrisy.

There are plenty of people in my own neighborhood that I don’t even know. At my job downtown, there are people that I walk by everyday who could use a helping hand. Truthfully, I don’t even do as much for my own family as I probably could.

Why is it so easy for many of us, whether in the White House or in our own house, to be so apathetic to those that are local to us? I think it’s because the deeper problem is even more local than we think.

I think it’s a heart issue.

I think we’ve grown so accustomed to chasing our own dreams, achieving our own goals, living out our own lives, pursuing our own happiness…that our hearts have grown cold to the needs of others within our own families, our own neighborhoods, our own communities, and ultimately our own nation.

Truth is, the way to address any local matter is to first deal with our own local matter… the matter of our hearts, that is. Changed hearts will change families, communities, and even corrupt systems of government within our nation, whether they be local or federal.

Now that I think about it, I guess Ms. Sanders was right after all.