Think About It…

“Here’s the question you must ask yourself about the effectiveness of your youth ministry: Will your students stand firmly for Christ long after they have left the protective environment of your youth ministry?

We’re not in the business of running successful youth groups. We’re not called by Jesus to build large numbers that will impress people. We are called by Christ to produce ‘fruit that will last’.

Those teenagers that got all excited at the last camp that you ran…will they be standing strong for Christ in five years —10 years—50 years time?”

~ Tim Hawkins


  1. That’s a question that, in hindsight, I wish I would have taken more seriously during my 9 years as a youth pastor. I wish I would have spent more time on discipleship than on filling their time with fun activity.

    1. Wow…I hear you, John. I’m wrestling with this question even now. My wife and I just became youth ministers at our church not too long ago, and we’re really looking to be balanced with our approach.

      Do you have any tips?

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