Been meaning to write this one for awhile.

At the risk of sounding disrespectful, but with no intent to do so, I’m a bit perturbed at our President’s preferred method of dealing with his “enemies”.

It looks like he’s taking his cues from his old Apprentice days…and firing any and everybody that he considers as a hindrance to his ambitions.

Fair enough.

He’s a grown man, and free to do as he pleases. And although I completely disagree with his way of doing things, I respect him as our commander and chief. What concerns me is that, whether we want to admit it or not, his way of handling opposition is…

…not much different from our own.

I’m not trying to make a blanket statement about every individual within our society. But it seems to me that “firing” people from our lives is hip now.



Add to these sayings the plethora of FB posts and tweets I constantly see, with people proudly declaring their renewed dedication to getting rid of anyone who they consider useless.

It’s quite the trendy thing to do…but is it always the right thing to do?

There is certainly a time and place for evaluating unhealthy relationships in our lives…and yes, there are appropriate times for us to part ways with some people. But I fear that what is trending in our society now is different. It seems to me that the value of the people in our lives is no longer being based on their intrinsic worth as people…but rather on how useful they are to us achieving our own ends.

In other words…I don’t really want you around unless you can add to my net worth somehow. You’re not a person…you’re a tool. And if you ever get to a point where you’re no longer an asset to me…then you’re fired.

I’m really glad Jesus doesn’t have this attitude.

I mean…what value do I really add to Him? What value do any of us add to a person who is already invaluable? What do we have to offer someone who doesn’t need anything from us?

Absolutely nothing.

So…technically…Jesus should have fired all of us.

But He didn’t. Instead, He invested His life…His blood, His sweat, His tears…just to give us the opportunity to be a part of His crew. And He did this knowing full well that He would never get a true return on His investment.

Jesus puts a wrinkle in our utilitarian mentality towards people…and I can’t thank Him enough for that.