Think About It…

“Every believer must cross a few spiritual deserts in his or her pilgrimage to the Celestial City.

Some arid places may be traversed in an hour or a few days. Occasionally, however, you may be required to travel for weeks with an almost withered soul.

Press on in worship. Cry out to God for a renewed awareness of the ‘rivers of living water’ (referring to the Holy Spirit) that Jesus in John 7:38 promised would flow in every believer.

But don’t stop worshiping. Never give up in the desert. You don’t know how wide it is, and you may be almost across.”

~ Donald S. Whitney


  1. Elder Penn Jr.(Son) what an awesome word on this Morning. You know somewhat how hard this year have been for me. I had to press like nobody business. Cry until I could not see. Felt alone and despair. However, through it all I held on to three words I keep telling GOD “I TRUST YOU”. Elder and to all that read my post the heart ach stared in February it took until December 29 for me to understand the purpose and still understanding!!! One thing I do know the LEVEL of LOVE of GOD in my life have grown beyond MEASURES!!! Sis B

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