Not again.

If you haven’t heard already, famed “Today” show co-host Matt Lauer is amongst several other high-profile celebrity men who have been exposed for their horrid acts of sexual misconduct towards women.

And the list is likely to keep growing.

I’m not going to waste anytime fleshing out the details…mainstream media is already handling that well enough. Nor am I writing this to give my opinion on Matt Lauer, Harvey Weinstein, or any of the others on this distasteful list.

What I am going to point out here is that our society is incredibly double-minded.

I find it really ironic that the same socio-political, media-driven engine that seems to run so smoothly on the fuel of ostracizing God and His standards…is now descending with “godly” righteous indignation on men like Matt Lauer.

And before I get a hasty AMEN from my fellow Christian brothers and sisters, I would caution us to be mindful of how many high-profile, celebrity preachers could be added to the same list.

And before anyone reading this points the finger at me, let me beat you to the punch…I acknowledge my own hypocrisy in this, too.

No, I’ve never done any of the specific things that Mr. Lauer or any of these others have done. But yes…my eyes have wandered before…yes, my thoughts have been lustful and impure before…yes, I’ve watched, and listened to, and read things that would probably make you blush.

And according to Jesus’ standard…which says that just looking and thinking counts, too…I myself am guilty.

But I can live with myself, because I’m willing to admit that God’s standard is the one to go by…not my own. And I believe wholeheartedly that until we as a nation get back to that point, we’ll continue to talk out of both sides of our mouth…demanding justice for victims, but crying out against the One who gave the standard of justice in the first place.

Until Jesus returns, there will always be men (and women) behaving badly.

In the meantime, I pray that as a nation, we’ll stop raising our fists at the One who can turn it around.