Believe it or not, I’m constantly surrounded by beautiful women.

My wife and two daughters, that is. IMG_0878

Yep…in our household, I’m testosterone-central. And if there is one thing being in a house full of women has taught (and is still teaching) me, it’s the value of listening.

At some point nearly every day, I find myself alternating between hearing about my wife’s crazy day at work, one of my oldest daughter’s hilarious encounters with her friends, or my youngest daughter’s new addition to her fidget spinner collection.

Oh, and I’d better pay attention, too…because they’ll know when I’m not really listening, and I’ll get even more of an earful for that.


I don’t mind it, though. In fact…I actually love it.

It’s hard to put into words, but I get a genuine sense of fulfillment when I provide a listening ear to my lovely ladies. It makes me feel like I’m giving them an irreplaceable gift…something that has far greater value than anything that money could buy. And, the fact that they constantly “demand” my attention means that I must be doing something right.

It also makes me all the more thankful that I can talk God’s ear off…I definitely can’t take that for granted.

God’s listening ear puts mine to shame. Aside from the sheer number of people that want His attention, He has to deal with all of the craziness that comes with the territory…from the “broken record prayers”, to the self-centered, one-sided conversations, even to curses and slander being thrown His way on a daily basis.

I honestly don’t know how He does it…but I’m really glad He does.

Gives me something to aspire to.