‘Tis the season.

Graduation season, that is.

Wifey and I have had several graduates to support recently, all of whom are either blood relatives or church family members (who are also “blood” relatives in a sense, if you catch my drift).

After leaving a graduation this past weekend, I couldn’t help but reminisce about my own graduation experience. The excitement…the joy…the feeling of accomplishment…the rush of adrenaline you feel as you walk across the stage…

…the relief you feel when you make it off the stage without falling on your face or your butt.

And, of course, the part of every graduation that makes me laugh…when the master/mistress of ceremony comes to the mic and gives the most pointless request in all of existence:

“Everyone, out of respect for all our graduates, we ask that you please hold your cheers and applause until we’ve called all of their names.”




Sorry…like I said, this part makes me laugh.

Maybe this isn’t everyone’s experience, but in every graduation I’ve been to, this request is never taken seriously. With each name that is called, you get a pretty healthy mix of cheers, yells, squeals, applause, and moms screaming “THAT’S MY BABY”!!

And who can blame them?

I mean, come on…graduation is a big deal, a life-defining moment for many, and the excitement felt by graduate supporters is just too much to contain in most cases. Sometimes, we just can’t help ourselves…even when we’re told to shut up, we can’t hold it in.

I suspect this is how many people who were around Jesus felt.

In many instances during His earthly ministry, after performing a miracle, Jesus would calmly advise those who witnessed it to sort of keep it on the “down-low”. He wasn’t interested in unwanted attention, particularly any attention that would cause some of the Jews to try and “king Him” before the time of His crucifixion. And, of course, the more He requested their silence, the more noise they made.

Can you blame them?

I can’t…and neither should we. In fact, I think our culture could use a little more noise about Jesus.

Don’t you?