“So…Jesus is hanging out with His disciples for a couple of years, and then tells them one day, ‘I’ll be leaving you, and it’s better for you that I leave.’

His disciples are like, ‘Why is that better’?

He tells them that when He leaves, He’ll send the Holy Spirit who will instruct you in all things.

The idea was that an infantile, immature faith needs the physical presence of Jesus in order to function, whereas mature faith relies on the Holy Spirit so that, thru the Spirit, we see God in all things.

What we have in America right now is an infantile evangelical movement, where we want God explicitly visible on everything…on the back of my car, on my radio station, in the movie theater, on my t-shirt, in my kid’s school, and everywhere else in the public eye.

So we panic when we see our society intent on stripping those things away.

We need to graduate to a more mature faith, where we’re not relying on all of these external things to be assured of God’s presence, but on the Holy Spirit who reveals God in our everyday lives.”

~ Skye Jethani