I learned a thing or two in the past couple days about connections.

It wasn’t very pleasant at first.

The faucet in our kitchen sink had started to fall apart…literally. So, wifey and I found ourselves in Lowes picking out a new faucet, going back and forth with each other, until we finally settled on a faucet that satisfied both her good taste and my cheapness.

I felt pretty confident when I brought the new faucet inside and started taking it out of the box. The last one I’d installed had been a breeze; the instructions were simple, everything fit perfectly, and I didn’t need that many tools to get it done. I was done within a couple of hours…maybe less.

But that had been about 5 years ago. And I wasn’t prepared for the fact that the new faucet was completely incompatible with our old water supply lines.

Thus began a two day exercise in frustration…which featured multiple trips back and forth to Lowes, numerous water sprays to the face, and a bruise on my lower back from laying on the bottom edge of our kitchen sink for too long.

Fun stuff.

I made one last trip to Lowes, praying as I walked through the automatic doors, hoping that I would find exactly what I needed to finally get this done. And then I did something that I hadn’t really thought to do over the past day or so.

I asked for help.

I explained my situation to an employee, and was immediately directed to a tiny metal adapter. They said it would allow me to connect the new faucet supply lines with the old ones in my kitchen sink. It worked without a hitch.

And then I had a bit of an epiphany.

I was the old, sinful kitchen sink…with obsolete supply lines…incompatible with a holy God, and unable to connect with Him. And trying to fix the connection issue on my own only caused me a bunch of stress, pain, and frustration.

I needed an adapter…a connector. Thankfully, Jesus stepped up to offer His assistance.

And all I had to do was ask for help.