You ever have one of those deep, profound moments while you’re doing something that…well…isn’t really that deep or profound?

Here’s a good one for you.

Wifey and I were able to get away for some much needed “us time” right after Thanksgiving. Most of it was spent laying in bed, laughing and joking with each other, and watching Hallmark Christmas movies…priceless.

But the epiphany I was referring to earlier came while we were out shopping at the mall. My wife is an Energizer bunny when it comes to shopping. Me…not so much. I hadn’t really eaten much that morning, and I ran out of gas after the first hour or so.

My wife, being the considerate person that she is, told me to hold her bags and get over it.

Just kidding.

We parted ways temporarily; she went into a boutique, while I headed for the food court. I bought some bacon-ranch fries and then found a spot to sit and eat…and it was at this point that I had one of the most heartfelt moments of gratitude in my entire life.

I guess it started when I took the first bite. I was so thankful to finally get something to eat, and it helped too that the fries were fresh, hot, and really tasty. I thought to myself, God…thank you for the simple pleasures in life.

And then I started thinking about those who can’t experience simple pleasures like this. My mind immediately went to several homeless people that I’ve encountered over the past few years, some of whom I still remember by face and by name, and whom I’ve added to a prayer list on my phone.

Then, I thought about how great it was to be out shopping with my wife…and the fact that we can actually afford to shop…and the fact that this incredibly gorgeous woman is actually my wife…and that we have two lovely and vibrant daughters, who are expecting us to bring them something back.

My mind was racing with so many other things to thank God for…and then I settled on one prevailing thought: I’ve done nothing to deserve any of this.

Now, I know this isn’t something new or mind-boggling; it just struck me at that moment just how incredibly good God is…that’s all.

So, the moral of the story is…well…I guess I’ll just say that it doesn’t take much to be reminded of God’s goodness.

Keep that in mind next time you order some fries.