I tend to see a lot of inspirational quotes on social media.

They’re mostly centered on the idea of not settling. You know…

“Be the best you that you can be”

“Strive for greatness”

“Don’t settle for mediocrity”

“Ditch the people around you that are pulling you down”

that kind of thing.

It seems that the most celebrated individuals in society today are the ones driven to succeed no matter what…those who don’t settle for anything less than what they deem the best. This isn’t a bad line of thinking, as long as you are striving for the right thing. Far too many people settle for less, and some even settle for things that could potentially harm them.

Which brings me to a nagging question that I’ve been mulling over lately.

Why do we as Christians settle for subpar Christianity?

Let’s just be real for moment.

Many of us settle for just being good churchgoers. We settle for having an extremely limited influence on our modern day society. We settle for the steady rise in immorality and atheistic thinking. We settle, in far more cases than we should, for lives that are just as polluted with sin as the unbeliever.

We settle nowadays for filling our churches with fans of our ministries, rather than disciples of Jesus. We settle for esteeming a person’s gift at the expense of holding them accountable for their lack of character. We settle for sticking stubbornly to unbiblical traditions, treating them as if they’re on par with the 10 commandments.

We settle for being politically correct instead of being biblically sound. We settle for being divided by racial turmoil instead of being constrained by perfect love. We settle for allowing society to dictate to us what kind of church they will accept…instead of being Jesus’ church, whether we’re accepted or not.

Even as I write this, I’m repenting…because I’m guilty, too. It’s so easy to settle for being a complacent, apathetic, happy-go-lucky Christian, instead of the living epistle that the Bible calls for me to be. I’ve got to get back to striving. Hopefully, some of you who read this will join me.

Because in this day and time, a settling church is the last thing we need.