Donald or Hillary?

Republican or Democrat?

Pro-life or  Pro-choice?

For LGBT or against LGBT?

#blacklivesmatter or #bluelivesmatter?

I can’t recall a time when our society has been bombarded with this many divisive issues at one time.

Turn on the news…glance at social media…in some cities, just peek out of your window and look at the campaign and/or protest signs being carried down the streets. Listen to some of the “shots”, whether coming from mouths or from guns, that are being fired off from each opposing side. It’s blatantly obvious that many people are passionate about the stances that they’ve taken, and they’re doing all they can to pull neutral parties to their cause.

And I have to say, they are really doing a number on the church.

There are enough internal struggles within the body of Christ as it is, but this toxic sociopolitical climate has only magnified them, and really exposed an even bigger issue: a lot of Christians are taking the wrong side.

Let me clear this up before you misunderstand me: I’m not telling you who to vote for, which political party to be affiliated with, or whether or not you are wrong for supporting any of the #livesmatter movements. I’m not trying to make myself out to be some authority on any of these matters either.

But I do believe that many Christians are dedicating themselves to these causes at the expense of their relationship with God. I believe that many are blurring the lines between biblical standards and the agendas of their political parties or social crusades.

And I also believe that somewhere, Satan is laughing his head off.

Laughing, because many preachers now won’t touch certain subjects in their sermons for fear of political backlash. Laughing, because whole churches will split apart over who is voting for who. Laughing, because many angry black Christians allow themselves to become so embittered that they reject any efforts from their white Christian brothers and sisters to understand their plight, and to help bear their burden.

Laughing, because in doing all of this, we’re playing right into his grimy hands…

…at least, that’s what he thinks.

I believe that, despite how incredibly murky and clouded things have gotten, God’s light can and will shine in the midst of all this darkness. But we have to keep in mind that God is not obligated to fit into our man-made partisanship. He is neither Democrat nor Republican, black nor white…actually, He supersedes any side-taking. He isn’t just pro-life, He is life. And the LGBT debate really isn’t even a debate; it is God who created marriage and gender in the first place, and as such, He’s the only one who can legitimately define both…period.

My main point here is this: if we are going to be true followers of Jesus Christ, then our allegiances to any worldly affiliations can only go so far. Yes, I believe we’re to be active and involved in these tumultuous issues…but not to the point where your affiliations compromise your Christianity.

So be careful when taking sides…because there’s really only one.