So…unless you’ve been under a rock somewhere, you’re aware of the recent passing of boxing great and social icon Muhammed Ali. I’m in no position to offer any credible personal account of Mr. Ali’s life or legacy, but I do know one thing…he claimed to be “The Greatest”.

Prince was just as huge an icon, if not bigger. Known for his innovation, incredible stage presence, flashy wardrobe, and his profiency on multiple instruments, he was widely regarded as the most influential musical artist of his era.

Kobe “Bean” Bryant, often a name mentioned in the greatest b-ball player conversation, retired this year after 20 years in the NBA, racking up 5 rings along the way, and putting an exclamation point on his illustrious career by scoring 60 points in his final game.

Tenessee women’s basketball coach Pat Summitt, who passed only a couple of days ago, was a legend in her own right, paving the way for wider recognition and respect not only for women’s college basketball, but women’s sports period.

These few that I’ve mentioned are amongst many “all-time greats” that have come and gone…people who have excelled in their professions or endeavors, those who have left their footprints within some major aspect of our culture, whether it be sports, music, politics, business, or religion. And it’s often disputed by us regular people who the greatest among them is or will be.

Well…I’m here to end the dispute for good. I know who “The Greatest” is.

Not just in terms of an area of profession or expertise. I’m not here to debate who the greatest athlete, musician, or social icon is. I’m talking about the greatest person in existence…ever…past, present, and future.

I think you know where I’m going with this. I mean, come on…look at the name of my blog.

So let me explain then why Jesus is the undisputed Greatest. It’s not based on His personal accomplishments, though they clearly speak for themselves. It’s not based on His fame or popularity; you could actually argue that He came up short in that department, when you consider the fact that during His earthly ministry, He started off with thousands of followers…only to end up with four people standing at the foot of His cross. It’s really not even about His personality, either, though His is easily the most magnetic personality there is.

I would argue that Jesus is the Greatest because, as the Creator, He defined what greatness is…no, I mean literally. Jesus literally spoke from His own mouth what it means to be great. He said in essence, time after time, that to be the greatest is to be a servant to everyone, to set aside your own interests for the sake of others.

And He didn’t stop there…His life epitomized what He defined. He lived the most selfless earthly life in history. He died the most selfless, cruel, painful, humiliating death in history. And though you would think He has better things to do, He is currently seated at the right hand of the Father, serving as the mediator for our sins.

That’s it…case closed…end of discussion.

Jesus is THE GREATEST…and no one else need apply for the position.