Sooooo…I’m in the midst of a pretty difficult lesson in patience right now, courtesy of God Himself. It’s funny, because I figured I had a pretty good handle on patience already.

Shows how much I know (smile).

Here’s the short version of it: my wife and I have been praying and believing God for financial freedom for quite awhile now, and it’s not for the reason you might think. Of course, I want us to be well off financially for our own benefit…not struggling to pay bills, saving more money than we spend, being able to send both kids off to college with no problem, living comfortably within our means, etc., etc., etc…

But there is another, much more important reason for our desire to be financially prosperous…and that is to be a blessing to whomever we can. You see, I have this crazy dream of walking down the street on any given day, seeing someone in need, and being able to give generously without even missing it. I know that may not be a lofty dream to anyone else, but it’s a big deal to me.

The funny thing is, God has already promised us that He would do it! But I’m just going to be honest here: while this assurance of His has definitely been a source of comfort, it’s also a source of some frustration.

I mean, God…really….WHY NOT JUST DO IT ALREADY?!!

There are so many people with millions of dollars who aren’t the least bit concerned about helping anyone else. You see my heart…you know I’m not in that category…you know I want to be a conduit, a channel for your blessings to flow through to anyone willing to receive. WHAT’S TAKING SO LONG?!!

If you’ve ever been here before, then you know that God is patient enough to hear us out when we have “temper tantrums” like this. And, like the loving father He is, He’s teaching me something that I never really considered before: He’s actually more concerned about me having patience than about me having money.

I know this doesn’t sound profound or anything, so let me put it another way. I think God is showing me that the most significant reward for waiting on His promise is not the promise itself, but rather the patience I gain in the process.

Again, not an easy lesson, but it is SOOOOOO WORTH IT!!!